The Coaching Leader

07/08/2008 - 12:00am
07/08/2008 - 4:30pm


The content of this workshop will be NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP’s material entitled, “The Coaching Leader.” This content is newer material, so it will be new information and a new paradigm approach to coaching for all who attend.    We will cover topics including: 

  • The Attitude of a Coach

  • The Relational Cornerstones of a Coach

  • The Roles of a Coach

  • The Five Basic Needs of a Coach

  • And of course, a paradigm for the Coaching Experience

In past years, our training in coaching has focused exclusively on church planters and those who work with them. However, we realize that more and more in ministry EVERYONE needs a coach. As a result, we are encouraging you to consider participating with us in this training, and then using the coaching skills you learn to “coach” someone else. Opportunities will exist for you to do this with other pastors or seminary students or church planters. And of course, you may want to coach other staff members or key lay leaders in your own ministry setting.   Regardless of where and with whom, our objective is to get you the tools you need to implement a coaching strategy right away.

This event cost $20 per person and that covers all materials and lunch. To register click the link below!

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For more information contact Misty Pearson by email at or call at 800-466-5290 ext222.

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