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On this page, we will see how vital it is for a church planting project to begin with a leadership team. For our purposes we will define a team as “more than one individual who work together toward a common goal”. It can take many forms, from the most limited (a husband and wife) to the most complex (specialists in every area of church life and work). In Southern Baptist circles the extended team should also include the parent church (or a representative)and the associational Director of Missions as passive participants, at the very least. That is to say, they should be informed or be participants as to the plans and goals of the church planting team as it does its work.

This team will form the nucleus of everything the new plant becomes. They will give it their values, their theology, their preferences in style and structure. Nothing will have more significance on the new church plant than the makeup of the team. Thus, great care should go into the selection and implementation of the team and its strategy.

Typically, a parent church, a Director of Missions or a church planter will initiate the process that will lead to the formation of a new work leadership team. Sometimes one or more churches “hive off” part of their own congreation to start a new one, with a leadership team immediately in place. More often than not, though, when a single leader is secured, often the work that follows is left completely up to them. They are required to plan strategies, secure other team members and make all appropriate decisions on their own. In reality, this should not be. The initiating person or church should assist in these processes along the way. Who “drives” the process should have the agreement of all who are involved in the new church start.

Occasionally, a new church may be started by an individual, but it is rarer than it seems. In such instances, spouses and parent church assistance are often overlooked in accounting for the new work and its success. While the order of events may change and the team may not be formed first in the church planting strategy, it will inevitably become the most important determining factor in the future of the church...

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