Our Seven Step Strategy

Our Church Planting System follows a seven step strategy for implementation: 

First, there is preparation.  This includes prayer efforts and site location, which is usually determined by Associational Directors of Missions or Parent Churches.
The second step is partnership, where a parent church, along with the association and even potentially other congregations or organizations, like our partnership state of Mississippi, joins the new church planting efforts.
Third, there is recruitment of potential church planters.  "Discovery Days", visits to seminary and college campuses and our Assessment Centers help evaluate potential planters.
Fourth, we provide training, beginning with Boot Camp/Basic Training experiences for planters and their spouses.
The fifth step is nurture and support for the planter and his family.  This includes a coach and mentor, peer learning clusters known as “Church Planter Networks” and “C. P. Spouse Networks”, and fellowship opportunities.
Sixth, we focus on evaluation, and we do this through “health check ups”, like a regular visit to a pediatrician, over the course of the foundational development of the new church.
Finally, there is reproduction, in which church plants are prepared to become “parent churches” themselves.
Our Church Planting Team, made up of planters, parent church pastors, associational directors of missionaries and state staff, help facilitate this church planting movement, and jointly make all decisions about funding, calendar and strategy. 
No top down hierarchy here!

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